The Other Side

While aspiring performers and songwriters can record and listen to their songs in the Cubby House Studio, ‘The Other Side’ was formed to provide live performance opportunities for Performance and Composition students and to showcase and promote their performance and song writing talents. Membership of the group will vary as new talents emerge and older members move on to explore new horizons and opportunities. Over the last few years The Other Side has earned a reputation for the quality and diversity of its music which has folk, country, jazz, rock and blues influences depending on the preferences of members.  As well as cover versions of popular songs, the repertoire includes many original songs written by students and by John McCarthy. The Other Side has performed in venues in and around Canberra including; Beyond Q, Bees and Co, A Bite to Eat, The Lerida Estate Winery and Floriade, and further afield at The Tamworth Country Music Festival, The Adelaide Fringe Festival, The Moruya and Wagga Wagga Jazz Festivals and The Edinburgh (Scotland) Fringe Festival.


The Other Side  (The Adelaide Fringe Festival 2012)

“An appreciative audience experienced a performance of mostly original material. It was a nice change to see that each song was given an introduction, something often forgotten by other performers.  Their individual voices were pleasant and jazz influences with a touch of country were obvious in some of John’s songs. The vocals of Eliza, while still maturing, could be something special in years to come”. Mike O’Callaghan


The Other Side   (The Adelaide Fringe Festival 2013)

“The Other Side played a variety of jazz, blues and folk songs to a packed audience.
Mary’s rendition of several songs was brilliant”. Alan Claire


The Other Side - Distant Shore (The Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013)

“Mary's voice has a lovely tone and natural lilt that is perfect for this music. She is, in essence, the complete package for a country/folk singer.
Whilst her voice is excellent, her lyric writing will come with time as she matures into both her voice and craft. Mary was engaging and stunning
to listen to” Sam Waddicor

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